"Romney Tops McCain Veep List"

Hugh Hewitt

6/30/2008 10:48:14 AM - Hugh Hewitt
Mike Allen's Politico.com story should be read closely as Allen has the best sources of any reporter close to Campaign 2008. 

No matter who the selection turns out to be, I'd prefer a nominee announcement sooner rather than as part of a "mitigation bounce" strategy as outlined by Mike.  Every day as the veep allows the nominee to make four or five appearances on the trail, generating enthusiasm and contributions, especially if the nominee is throwing hard punches at Obama.  30 or 60 days of extra effort is too much of an advantage to keep on the shelf pending an Obama selection.

Romney's four "Ms" --message (on the economy), money, Mormons (especially in Nevada and Colorado) and Michigan-- do make him a compelling choice, but Governor Tim Pawlenty with who I shared the ABC Green Room yesterday is also a strong contender because he would put the upper midwest into play.