Hugh Hewitt

From the Minneapolis Star Tribune (HT: Powerline):

The Duluth News Tribune reported today that DFL gubernatorial candidate Mike Hatch called one of its reporters a "Republican whore" on Thursday.

Hatch said Friday morning his recollection was that he used the term "Republican hack," not whore. But other reports Thursday of angry responses to reporters prompted Republicans to intensify their line of attack on Hatch as too intemperate and hotheaded to be elected governor.

Of course Hatch will suffer for his outburst as it raises obvious questions about his temperament.

But have Minnesota Senate candidate Amy Klobuchar and Minnesota House candidate Patty Wetterling stepped forward to condemn this disgusting smear?

What about Hillary?  Nancy Pelosi?  Maria Cantwell?  Debbie Stabenow?

You can't defend women and their rightful place in the workforce and the dignity all women deserve and stay silent.

Unless you are a Democrat with an agenda press giving you cover.

UPDATE: The reporter was a man.  So Hatch is not only a misogyonist, but a confused one.

Hugh Hewitt

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