NYC List of Banned Words Goes Public

Helen Whalen Cohen

4/1/2012 7:15:00 PM - Helen Whalen Cohen

When I noted in this forum that the New York City Department of Education had banned 50 words from appearing on tests, some of our readers jokingly asked if I was kidding. Unfortunately I was not, and now the NYC Ed Department has published those 50 words, proving it.

Howard Portnoy, over at Hot Air's Green Room reprinted the entire list, which I am copying verbatim here:


There is the occasional word that shouldn't really be discussed in grade school anyway (the word 'pornography' comes to mind), but most of these are just plain silly. Loss of employment? Good luck avoiding that one on an economics test. And although Health Class tests seem a little silly, they do exist and usually the subject of alcohol or tobacco comes up. Maybe they can replace 'Happy Halloween' with 'Happy Holidays', though.