Guy Benson

The self-appointed "most trusted name in news" is joining forces with conservative think-tank titans AEI and the Heritage Foundation to present tonight's Republican presidential debate.  The program is being billed as the first debate of its kind here in Washington, DC since the fabled Nixon/Kennedy grudge match in 1960.  The focus of this evening's exchange will be foreign policy and national security, so expect questions on headlines like this, this and this.  The opening bell sounds at 8pm ET.  Watch the festivities live on CNN, follow the Townhall/Hot Air team's live twitter coverage below, and as always, feel free to add your own running analysis in the comments section.


Here's a bonus video from Heritage, which previews the event and includes a cool time-lapse video of the transformation of Constitution Hall into a cutting edge debate venue:

Guy Benson

Guy Benson is's Political Editor. Follow him on Twitter @guypbenson.

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