Guy Benson

The OWS crowd tried to deliver petitions to Citigroup in Manhattan this afternoon.  When Citigroup declined to accept boxes upon boxes of said petitions (go figure), the members of this serious intellectual movement folded them into paper airplanes, and threw them at the building. Children:

Charles Cooke delivers his verdict on the spectacle:

There is nothing inherently offensive about throwing paper airplanes at buildings, although it is an odd choice in New York ten years after 9/11. But that it became the final plan demonstrates a lack of thought. Ultimately, there is just something asinine about it — something unfathomably childish. More than that, it was pathetic. One hundred people assembled outside an office block and threw paper at the windows; seriously, is this the best that the General Assembly can manage?

I agree; it's really stupid -- but I'd prefer pointless littering to violence and riots, which OWS' brethren are perpetrating across the country and around the world.  Check out this quasi-comprehensive list of "Occupy's" apparent far.

Guy Benson

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