Guy Benson
If you don't find this video moving, you may not have a pulse:

A Tennessee woman and her 12-year-old daughter said they were pleasantly shocked by the appearance of her Army sergeant husband at a Titans game.

Jodi Foster, 33, said she thought she and her daughter, Kayla, had only won tickets to the Veteran's Day game Sunday against the Washington Redskins for writing an essay about her husband, Sgt. Mark Foster, who was serving in Afghanistan, The (Nashville) Tennessean reported Thursday.

Foster said she and Kayla were called to the middle of LP Field in Nashville and surprised when Mark, fresh of his fifth deployment to Afghanistan, came riding out in a golf cart carrying bundles of red and yellow roses for his wife and daughter.

As we approach Thanksgiving, one of the things for which we should all be thankful is the valor and honor of our troops serving abroad.  Thank you, Sgt. Mark Foster, for your courageous service, and welcome home.

Guy Benson

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