Guy Benson

Could this be an early tremor in a political earthquake?

Longtime Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank has given his re-election campaign $200,000 as he faces his toughest race in years.

A campaign finance report filed Tuesday showed that Frank, the chairman of the powerful House Financial Services committee, lent himself the money Tuesday.

Frank, a 15-term lawmaker from Newton, Mass., raised $316,644 last quarter and reported more than $1 million on hand with no debts.

Let me get this straight:  Frank is sitting on a cool million, debt free, yet he still thinks it's necessary to cough up Two Hundred Grand of his own money?  He must be staring at some apocalyptic internal polling.  As Politico reports, $200K isn't chump change for Frank:

A longtime public servant, Frank isn’t exactly a rich man. Financial disclosures filed with the House show he has assets between $560,000 and $1.5 million.

Considering Bill Clinton's desperation visit to Frank's district, the impressiveness of his Republican opponent, last week's embarrassing meltdown starring his boyfriend, and now this report, I feel obligated to ask the gallery...

Is this happening?

Guy Benson

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