Do We Hate Kids?

Greg Hengler
Posted: Apr 29, 2013 2:38 PM

I just read this exceptional piece by "Courtney" titled "Having Babies {In Opposite World}" and feel she hits on something that I call the "Child-Hating Culture Epidemic." Here's how she begins:

I was scrolling through my facebook feed recently when a friend’s status hit me in the gut.  Melanie, a beautiful young wife, from my church wrote:

Aside from my close friends and family…

How is it that 9 out of 10 people who talk to me about my pregnancy have negative things to say?? The comments are endless and quite creative in their effort to convince me that I should not be as thrilled as I am. It is usually prefaced by “JUST WAIT……(insert: miserable experience/undesirable life change)” Although they have me well prepared for “impending doom,” for now I will continue to be convinced that this is the most beautiful experience of my life thus far!

And now I will bask in all the flip-flopping glory that is happening inside my tummy right now. You can kick this mama all night long sweet little one:)

Enter my GASP!   How is it that this young wife, who is pregnant for the first time, is encountering such negativity about her pregnancy?

And then I remembered back to my early 20′s and the prevailing culture that said – get your college degree before you have babies, travel a little before you have babies, your body is going to completely change after you have babies, have fun and live it up before you have babies, get yourself financially secure before you have babies.  Be a responsible adult and wait wait wait to have those children…

This hit home with me because what I've been experiencing during my wife's third pregnancy is that having babies (AND preserving your virginity) seems to be the two subjects that get universally attacked, mocked, and to put it more softly, are not appreciated by most people in our society. My wife often provides this illustration:

If someone gave you 10 of your most prized possessions would you not want them? Would you just want one if you could have ten? Of course you would, but this world places objects above children. We live in a world that hates children and loves the things of this world. Which is why abortion is okay to so many because it's all about the love of self and wanting what is best for you and not about selflessness and laying down your life for others.

Adding to Courtney's "JUST WAIT" list is this one I get often: "Oh, you got 3 girls, just wait in 10 more years...." So even after having children we can look forward to the constant chants from the worldly-wisemen cynics.

We live in a world that hates children. Children are the ONLY blessing from God we want to put limits on: "Sorry God, we only want two of your wonderful blessings." The post-modern mantra for having children should be: "A boy for me and a girl for you, thank God we're through."

Allow me a rough transition: Actions do speak louder than words and when you consider the age in which fathers allow their daughters to date unsupervised without even sitting down to get to know the boy let alone (God forbid) even want to get know his family--then consider what kind of process (if any at all) there would be if said father owned a Ferrari and said boy wanted to take it for a spin. Would the father want to meet the boy before tossing him the keys? Me thinks that the meet-and-greet would be only the beginning of the process.

Let me say it again: We love things more than our own kids!

Our actions say how much more we value things than our own kids. The Gosnell story is simply a small and terribly evil anecdocte highlighting our true feelings towards God's very precious gift.