Game On: Will Beltway Republicans & Team Romney Smear Santorum Too?

Greg Hengler

2/8/2012 12:15:00 PM - Greg Hengler

While Mr. Inevitable repeats platitudes he half-learned from movement polemicists and serenades senior citizens with patriotic hymns, Rick Santorum is surging on a record of time-tested conservative leadership. 

As professional Republicans take a breath from their all-out smear campaign against Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum says, "Game on." No doubt the Death Star will try to smear Santorum too and they will probably will be successful, but Mitt's only-way-to-win smear-fest will be useless against the The One--in dollar signs and in effectiveness.

Personally, I struggle with Mitt's touting his free market experience while saying practically nothing about his four years as governor of Massachusetts; furthermore, when he does talk about his experience as governor, he only points to one "accomplishment": Romneycare. This is our guy? C'mon!

Governor Romney, considering that you are running for governor of the United States, would you care to expand on your four-year-term as governor of Massachusetts and enlighten us as to why your accomplishments there prove you should be our presidential candidate? Mitt has yet to answer this question--I doubt we will ever get an answer from him.

I leave you with today's comments from "The Great One":

"Mark Levin to Mitt Romney: Conservatives have had enough of your sleazy campaign tactics. Run on your record. Explain your conservative credentials.  Tell us how you'll save this country. If you have a core it is time to reveal it.  But stop your poisonous attack dogs and ads. You're just pi##ing us off!"

As I've said before to the Beltway right, a campaign full of clichés has confirmed yet another: Be careful what you wish for; you just might get it.

BTW: Could this be Rick Santroum's greatest "endorsement": Trump: "I Don’t Get Rick Santorum, I Don’t Get That Whole Thing."