NBC Suspends Left-Wing Love Machine, Ed Schultz For "Slut" Remark

Greg Hengler
Posted: May 25, 2011 7:56 PM
The second suspension (Olby the first, Nov. 2010) at MSNBC in less than a year goes to that loveable lefty all of us must DVR each night, Ed Schultz.

One week without pay, they say.

I'm sure he'll come back with a new perspective on how to deal with women he disagrees with; a new passion for exhibiting that left-wing tolerance we always hear about, and a new red-blooded bleeding heart that takes greater delight in defending "the workin' man" (read: BIG UNIONS and their goons). We all wait with bated breath for this fire-breather to return.

Have a nice week Schultzy! Now go home and get your shinebox!

UPDATE: Dan_NV wrote: Suspended for a week. WOW, how punitive. Don Imus lost his job for far less...