He Kissed A Boy...

Faith Ammen

11/23/2009 8:56:15 PM - Faith Ammen

Oh Adam. I actually liked you a lot on American Idol. Your version of "Ring of Fire" was really incredible. I didn't mind when you posed with your green snake on the cover of Rolling Stone and turned your incredibly talented vocal ability into a platform to discuss homosexuality.

But are you really so desperate for attention that you need to kiss a guy on-stage at the AMA's in order to get Madonna-Britney-esque attention? There is a big difference between wearing guy-liner while discussing your sexuality for an interview and graphically portraying sexual acts on stage.  I know you say that it was just you being "in the moment" but there are a lot of entertainers perform "in the moment" and don't make-out with people on stage.

And I know that you are saying that since people were so accepting of the Madonna-Britney kiss, they should not be calling ABC to complain. But they are. Neither kiss should have been aired...but ABC couldn't censor your kiss (or your "faux" oral sex gestures) in time for the East Coast.

I know Lady Gaga is making all of you other entertainers feel inferior because you don't light things on fire or wear masks or walk around pantless. But, dear Adam, your voice can stand on it's own and you don't need to make obscene gestures onstage.

Thank you,