Since I’ve had Meg Whitman on my show three times in the past few months, I thought it might be good to download a few “Meg-o-bytes” today.

Here are a few small files that seem to grab everyone’s attention.

What’s the real story surrounding the Republican gubernatorial debates?

This past week I entertained former eBay CEO Meg Whitman and asked her about the lack of fall debates. You see, on May 18th, Whitman appeared on my talk show while Commissioner Steve Poizner and Representative Tom Campbell debated the June ballot at the Sacramento Press Club.

During that radio visit in May, Meg stated that she was inviting Insurance Commissioner Poizner and Tom Campbell, for that matter, to participate in three fall debates. Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner’s guber-campaign was clear in stating that they never received an invitation from Whitman.

As fall wore on the Poizner Camp began to air audio from Whitman’s comments stating that Meg had never inquired of the commissioner’s availability for fall debates. And that it was actually Meg Whitman who was performing as the “debate dodger” in this case. During Tuesday’s interview, I played the audio from that May 18th appearance for Meg and asked her if Steve Poizner was, indeed, contacted to debate this past fall.

“I think we did ask him whether he wanted to debate in the fall, and I am not sure exactly what the answer was. I’ll have to find out. There wasn’t a serious response that he gave us on that,” Meg replied.

Read more and hear the audio at "Meg-o-Bytes" today.