Elisabeth Meinecke

Hope springs eternal, right? Conservatives4Palin is going to run an ad in Iowa asking Sarah Palin to reconsider running for president, reports the Des Moines Register:

Conservatives4Palin, the independent group that rallied throughout the summer for Sarah Palin to enter the 2012 presidential race, will air a TV spot on KCAU-TV in the Sioux City market imploring the former Alaska governor and 2008 Republican vice-presidential candidate to reconsider her decision not to run.

The ad is set to air beginning on Nov. 30.

Palin, a conservative superstar and media phenomenon following the 2008 campaign, flirted with a presidential bid for months, but announced she would not run in a letter to supporters in early October.

This wouldn't be the first time there has been hype surrounding a potential candidate who's already said 'no' once. Paul Ryan had to say 'no' twice. Chris Christie's 'no' wouldn't be believed.

Elisabeth Meinecke

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