Jack Murtha's Two Americas

Duane Patterson

11/20/2007 4:40:20 PM - Duane Patterson
Two days out from Thanksgiving, House Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense Chairman Jack Murtha, one of the main voices of the anti-war defeatists in the House of Representatives, held a joint press conference with David Obey to defend the House Democrats against charges that they're playing politics with war funding by putting conditions on money that would weaken George Bush's Commander-In-Chief authority. 

The Senate rightly killed the House language this week, and now the Democrats are trying to claim the strings they put in the $50 billion dollar bridge bill, which demanded an immediate and orderly withdrawal from Iraq by next Christmas, weren't really strings at all. 

But it was how Murtha started his remarks which will draw ire from conservatives heading into the holiday.  Here's the video.

This week, around our Thanksgiving tables, there will be two families: One who say they support the troops, and they do, but they have sacrificed very little. They haven't had their taxes raised, they haven't been drafted, and they don't really participate in the war. The other are military families who have husbands and wives, sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters in the war theater. It's them who shoulder the burden of the President's Iraq policy. America owes them our thanks in this Thanksgiving weekend.

Very nice, Congressman Murtha.  Two Americas this Thanksgiving, those who sacrifice and those who don't.  And if you don't serve in the military, you're not really part of the war effort unless you are either drafted or have your taxes raised.  So if you're a civilian working in hospitals or rebab clinics treating wounded warriors, no thanks to you. If you are a private contractor working on reconstruction in Iraq, you just haven't sacrificed enough for Jack Murtha.  If you give money or take part in a military charity as your way of supporting the troops, it's not good enough to win a seat at Jack Murtha's table.  You still don't pay enough in taxes, so you're stuck at the card table in the other room. 

There is a third "family" out there gathering around the table this Thanksgiving.  You might consider these people to be outwardly supportive of the troops in the field fighting, but who are working feverishly to strip away the gains being achieved by our troops in order to placate their anti-war political base.  63 times this year this "family" has tried to legislate withdrawal from Iraq, unsuccessful every time, but yet they keep endeavoring to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.  

Meanwhile, over in the other branch of this "family" tree, Harry Reid made sure the tax dollars you do unsacrificially pay went to good use today, preventing George Bush from being able to free up any of the scores of judicial appointees being held in limbo in the Senate Judiciary Committee by way of recess appointment.  Here's Virginia Senator James Webb doing his impersonation of the Maytag repairman: 

Get used to these little Senate minutes over the next couple of weeks, because you're going to see a lot of them.  Chuck Schumer doesn't want President Bush to get any more judicial appointments if he can help it. So Webb's little pro forma session today was a little capsule of the do-nothing Congress this year.

What the Democrats can't get done on a normal day they can certainly also not get done in a minute. 

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, but know that if you support the surge and the results it is showing in Iraq, Jack Murtha and the Democrats aren't very thankful to have you.