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So the little story I stumbled on early today has proven to be the talk of the town.  Kudos to Pete Hegseth for being first on the scene in the Weekly Standard’s website yesterday.

Right now, you can’t swing a virtual dead cat without hitting a blog post excoriating for calling David Petraeus “Betray Us” and stating that he would lie to congress.  Why, even the Boston Globe is publishing an op-ed tomorrow titled “MoveOn’s McCarthy Moment”.  That’s some snappy alliteration there courtesy of the Globe’s headline writers.  By the way, the Globe piece is talking about Senator Joe McCarthy, not former Red Sox first baseman/designated hitter Dave McCarthy. My only fear is that in the midst of all the hubbub, we’re missing the real story. 

For longtime observers of the far left, the fact that Moveon.Org is a collection of cretins who coarsely demonize their every opponent comes as something less than a shock.  Take it from a guy who reads the Daily Kos every day and who knew of Amanda Marcotte before John Edwards made her famous – the far left issues roughly a dozen more vile statements a day than the one Moveon.Org hurled at David Petraeus yesterday in the New York Times.

The real story lies in what the Politico reported on Friday.  An anonymous Democratic Senator told the Politico, “No one wants to call [Petraeus] a liar on national TV. The expectation is that the outside groups will do this for us.” 

That quote perfectly captures the symbiotic relationship between the respectable political front men of the Democratic Party and the gutter dwelling sewer rats who do their dirty work.  The mainstream Dems would like you to believe that the virtual house organs who say the occasional “Screw Them” are parasites on their party or at the very least not indicative of the Democratic mainstream.  But in Friday’s Politico, a gullible Democratic Senator charitably provided a decoder ring that showed things the way they really are.  Democrats lean on their virtual pit-yorkies to shrilly bark out what they lack the courage to say themselves.

So who was the Senator?  Since he or she has cast a pall on their entire caucus, you’d think he or she would rush to take ownership of the comment and perhaps apologize for it.  Since the comment demeaned the entire Democratic caucus, you’d think the other Democratic senators would pressure the Politico’s source to reveal himself or herself in order to remove the taint from the 49 Senators who don’t expressly wish to use as their party’s attack dog to call David Petraeus a traitor.

Pardon me for the diversion into fantasy land.  There is of course no pressure within the Democratic caucus to reveal their Senator with no sense of decency.  It could have been any of them.  It could have been all of them.  This is what the Democratic Party has become.  The sad truth is this – Moveon.Org isn’t the Democratic Party’s surrogate as the Politico’s wishful Democratic Senator proclaimed.  The Democratic Party is’s surrogate.

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