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The Boston Globe’s Bob Ryan provides a nostalgic ride back to Roger Clemens’ first major league start which was 23 years ago next week. No kidding, I remember it like it was yesterday, especially since Roger and I would go on to have a deeply meaningful fanboy - star athlete relationship. (If you like baseball, follow the link – it’s a good article, if I do say so myself.)

As the site’s only clear-eyed sports fan, it falls to me to say a few words about Roger Clemens returning to baseball. Even though he’ll be wearing the New York Yankee pinstripes, it’s great. The bitterness that much of Red Sox Nation once felt to Clemens has melted. Since 2004, Red Sox fans have been like a perennially cranky uncle who won the lottery and got his sciatic problems fixed and thus had his entire outlook completely changed. We’re no longer the misanthropic, gloomy people that we once were.

When Roger returns to Fenway, Sox fans will greet him as the hero he is. He was always a pain in the neck, but he was also the best pitcher in franchise history. If I’m fortunate enough to be there (subtle hint to the Red Sox front office – Press Pass!), I’ll be a happy part of one of the warmest standing ovations in sports history.

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