Daniel Doherty

Posted May 18, 2015


Posted May 16, 2015

"I believe I can make the strongest contribution to our future by continuing as a clear and consistent advocate for a strong Reaganite foreign policy that values peace through strength."

Posted May 14, 2015

"In much of the discussion over the US/Israel alliance, this fundamental bond is too often forgotten."

Posted May 13, 2015

Everything still at this paint, 12-plus hours into this traffic event, is preliminary information and subject to change.

Posted May 12, 2015

All told, more than 45 million people in the United States are living in poverty.

Posted May 12, 2015


Posted May 11, 2015

"The answer is yes."

Posted May 09, 2015


Posted May 08, 2015

"Our goal is to work with the community, public officials, and law enforcement alike to make a better, stronger Baltimore.

Posted May 08, 2015

This was the generation that literally saved the world.

Posted May 07, 2015

"I think we win that argument."