Daniel Doherty

Posted August 02, 2015

"What happened on that reedy stretch of river, in my constituency 800 years ago, was the most important bargain struck in the history of mankind."

Posted July 30, 2015

Rick Perry...out?

Posted July 29, 2015

Due to the overwhelming interest in the FOX News Facebook Debate Event Night on August 6th and in a concerted effort to include and accommodate the now 16 Republican candidate field the largest in modern political history FOX News is expanding participation in the 5 PM/ET debate to all declared candidates."

Posted July 28, 2015

Good to know.

Posted July 28, 2015

On my first day in the Oval Office I will make two phone calls."

Posted July 23, 2015


Posted July 23, 2015

"Whether we like it or not, Iran has developed experience with a nuclear fuel cycle...and we can't bomb that knowledge away."

Posted July 21, 2015

"The alleged murdered is an undocumented immigrant whose been convicted of seven felonies in the US, and already deported five times."

Posted July 21, 2015

"His comments were not merely offensive, they were disgraceful."