GOP Strategists Reveal New Research Super PAC

Dalton Vogler

3/27/2013 11:00:00 AM - Dalton Vogler

In ongoing efforts to re-brand the Republican Party, several prominent GOP strategists have formed a new conservative research group, “America Rising”. Founding members told the Daily Caller that planning had been in the works for months, but it’s no coincidence that the launch comes days after the RNC released their 97-page diagnostic on conservative outreach.

Matt Rhoades, a former campaign manager for Mitt Romney, and Joe Pounder, a current RNC research director, created the group in response to the party’s disorganization and opposition research.

“We plan to start this enterprise because so many Republicans seem to agree there is a need on our side of the aisle for an entity that is focused solely on holding Democrats accountable for their actions and records using candidate tracking, rapid response and digital tools,” Matt Rhoades said in a release statement.

The group plans to model itself based off the Democrat counterpart, “American Bridge”, a David Brock-founded super PAC that collects video on Republican candidates. American Bridge rose to prominence during the 2012 elections, when controversial comments by Representative’s Todd Akin and Steve King gained significant circulation.

Rhoades plans on dividing America Rising into two separate organizations; a limited liability company with clients, and a super PAC. In addition to ongoing research for potential 2016 Democrat nominees, the group will focus on effective messaging tactics. Campaigns will involve social media, digital advertising and PR coverage. Rhoades has stated his reluctance towards spending money on T.V. advertising.

PAC headquarters will be located in Washington, D.C. and the PAC plans to offer access to their database and consulting for a fee. At a time in which conservative leaders are desperate to stop the recent string of electoral losses, America Rising looks to provide politicians with insight into effective campaigning strategies.

RNC leaders believe the group has the potential to reunite and coalesce a fractured, reeling GOP. Republican National Committee spokeswoman Kirsten Kukowski said the group was “excited about the efforts of groups like America Rising that will further strengthen the future of the Republican Party.”