FBI on the IRS: Nothing -- STILL

Carol Platt Liebau
Posted: Jul 02, 2013 7:57 PM

Is the FBI actually investigating the IRS abuses, or are Americans just being fed a comforting fiction?  As of today, two leading attorneys representing unfairly targeted and harassed groups -- Jordan Sekulow and Cleta Mitchell -- report that the FBI still has not contacted their clients.

Back on June 13, I posted that FBI Director Bob Mueller seemed to know little about any FBI investigation into the IRS abuse of conservative groups.  The oversight was particularly egregious given that the FBI seemed to be involved in the targeting of at least one group, True the Vote, according to its leader.

Obviously, the Obama administration is making some decisions -- like delaying ObamaCare's employer mandate -- with an eye to improving Democrats' political fortunes in 2014.  Surely the FBI isn't running interference for political reasons, too . . . is it?  It's a sad commentary on the lack of public trust in once-respected institutions that the question could even be credible.  But it is.