IRS: Less Transparent Than Ever

Carol Platt Liebau
Posted: Jun 28, 2013 9:08 AM

Below is video of Rep. Dave Camp lambasting the IRS (and its Obama-hand-picked leader, Danny Werfel) for its lack of transparency, even in the midst of the scandals engulfing it.

Note to Obama administration: You aren't going to get the extra billion in funding you're seeking for the IRS, especially with all these shenanigans.

The American people deserve answers -- not political obfuscations and political "narrative shaping" -- about why the government that is supposed to serve them made a decision to target those with views that differ from the party in power.  It's penny-ante banana republic behavior, not worthy of our heritage, and deeply inimical to the health and well-being of a democratic republic.

Now the investigations are revealing the depths to which the administration is willing to descend in order to prevent the truth from emerging.  We deserve to learn who ordered the targeting, when, and why.

And in light of the administration's intransigence, it seems that only two alternatives are left: (1) return the Fifth-Amendment-takers (like Lois Lerner) to Congress, and force them to testify with a grant of limited immunity; (2) hire an independent counsel with full prosecutorial powers.