Shulman & Ingram's Curious Non-Overlap

Carol Platt Liebau

6/6/2013 7:49:32 AM - Carol Platt Liebau

An invaluable resource -- WatchDogLabs.Org -- provides some pretty interesting insights about IRS officials' visits to The White House.  From the site:

According to White House visitor data, [former IRS Commissioner Douglas] Shulman never attended any of [IRS "ObamaCare" official] Ingram’s meetings, and Ingram never attended a White House meeting with Shulman.

All of Ingram’s165 meetings were with White House staff, while only 151 of Shulman’s visits were with staff.  Shulman attended six meetings with President Barack Obama.

Ingram attended 62 White House meetings in 2011, 90 in 2012 and 13 this year (though February).

Most of Ingram’s visits were hosted by Jeanne Lambrew, who according to the Washington Post is the Deputy Assistant to the President for Health Policy. 

HuhNo overlap -- ever

Note that all Ingram's meetings were with White House staff.  Shulman (the man with the outspoken left wing spouse), however, met 6 times with President Obama -- and, as we now know, with "partisan pit bull" Stephanie Cutter.

Exit Questions:

(1) Did Sarah Hall Ingram ever meet with Stephanie Cutter?

(2) Could it be that Ingram was actually at The White House to talk about ObamaCare -- but Shulman was there for some other reason(s)?