Carol Platt Liebau

If the campy IRS video weren't enough, the US government is spending your tax money to return to the Star Trek well, using the same theme to promote Social Security (because who, after all, even knew we had it?!).

Here's the first ad:

But don't worry -- that's not all.  There is also this Star Trek social security ad . . . and this one.  And this one, reminding everybody about disability, too (as if a lot of us didn't already know):

In an era of IRS scandals, Benghazi, and snooping on the press, I understand why the Obama administration would want to give Big Government a little good PR.  But in an era when the sequester is causing deep defense cuts (and Marines have to do with one less hot meal per day) -- and is being blamed for everything from shutting down White House tours to the Boston Marathon bombings -- it's a bracing look at the Obama administration's priorities.

Carol Platt Liebau

Carol Platt Liebau is an attorney, political commentator and guest radio talk show host based near New York. Learn more about her new book, "Prude: How the Sex-Obsessed Culture Hurts Young Women (and America, Too!)" here.

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