Taking Free Food Worse Than Targeting?!

Carol Platt Liebau

6/5/2013 7:54:22 PM - Carol Platt Liebau

To Guy's comprehensive post below, I would simply add the following: This action says a lot about the Obama administration's priorities and sensitivities.  Here's from the WaPo write-up:

[Acting IRS Commissioner Danny] Werfel said in a statement that he has begun the process of firing the employees, who allegedly held an after-hours party in their private hotel suites during the three-day training conference. It was not immediately clear who gave the managers the [free $1,162 worth of] food.

This is bad.  These people should be fired. But how come there's been no such tough talk from Werfel about firing Lois Lerner or any of the IRS employees who engaged in the systematic targeting and harassment of American citizens who happened to be conservatives?

Make no mistake: It's against IRS rules to accept free handouts.  But accepting free food at a conference, although against the rules, cannot compare to the egregious and unprecedented abuse of power wielded by the targeters -- which is far more malicious, abusive and dangerous to the long-term health of any representative democracy.

This piece from the Washington Post doesn't state whether these employees' leave is paid or unpaid.  But Lerner's is paid, and so far as we know, no action whatsoever has been taken to initiate the process of firing her.  

Apparently, in ObamaWorld, it's a worse offense for lower-level employees to accept free food for a one-time party than it is for division heads to allow and engage in long-term abuse of power based on viewpoint -- at least when the viewpoint being punished is from the right.

How revealing.