Why Are We Still Paying Lois Lerner's Salary?

Carol Platt Liebau

5/28/2013 10:57:47 AM - Carol Platt Liebau

Just to repeat: Why  hasn't someone in the Obama administration fired Lois Lerner?  By her own admission, she knew about the IRS targeting in June of 2011 (IG report, page 7).  Yet it continued on her watch, and she even herself signed harassing letters to conservative groups.

Whether she is guilty of a crime is irrelevant.  She has betrayed the public's trust by, at the very least, allowing selective and unjust enforcement of the tax laws on her watch, and she should be fired.

Instead, she has been put on administrative leave -- with full pay and benefits.  That means that the taxpayers she abused are still paying her salary.  

Fire Lois Lerner.