An Ugly Pattern: Not Just the IRS

Carol Platt Liebau
Posted: May 15, 2013 2:42 PM

As I note below, the Inspector General seeks to blame the targeting of conservative groups on "ineffective management" or "ineffective oversight."

To the extent such an explanation is plausible, it becomes increasingly incredible when one learns that other executive agencies likewise discriminated against conservatives.

The Washington Examiner reports that the EPA waived FOIA fees for 92% of administration-friendly groups, while denying 93% of FOIA requests from conservative groups.

Until it was investigated by the House Oversight Committee in 2011, the Department of Homeland Security likewise tried to politicize FOIA requests.

With evidence mounting that no corner of government was immune from politicization in the Obama era, it becomes less and less likely that the IRS debacle resulted from anything as innocuous as poor oversight or mismanagment.