Carol Platt Liebau

It turns out that if disgraced former Governor Mark Sanford wins his runoff, he may have a difficult time defeating his Democrat opponent, the sister of Stephen ColbeRt.  Although Sanford leads the runoff by about a 13-point margin, he trails Elizabeth Colbert Busch in a putative match-up (

This really shouldn't come as s surprise to anyone.  I'm about as Republican as they come -- and if I had a choice between Mark Sanford and a Democrat, I wouldn't vote for the Democrat. But I WOULD stay home.

It's remarkable that a self-professed party of "family values" -- and a party purportedly eager to reach out to women -- would possibly squander an easy House win by nominating a womanizing low-life who both abandoned his official duties and humiliated and betrayed his wife in his hot pursuit of an illicit love.

Carol Platt Liebau

Carol Platt Liebau is an attorney, political commentator and guest radio talk show host based near New York. Learn more about her new book, "Prude: How the Sex-Obsessed Culture Hurts Young Women (and America, Too!)" here.