Attacks on Janna Ryan Begin

Carol Platt Liebau

8/15/2012 10:43:41 AM - Carol Platt Liebau
A piece at The Huffington Post seeks to open a new front in the lefty war against Paul Ryan -- this time, by pointing out that his wife, Janna, represented controversial (to the left!) interests like cigar, nuclear and pharmaceutical interests in her career as a lawyer, over a decade ago, before she married Ryan.

Now consider that the Obama Justice Department contains high-ranking officials who have represented members of Al Qaeda -- and the Attorney General himself filed an amicus brief on behalf of "dirty bomber" Jose Padilla.

Janna Ryan's work as a lawyer ended in 2000, when she married Congressman Ryan.  Of course, Al Qaeda came to America's attention in the devastating terrorist attacks nine months later.  And thus, the lawyer-client relationships with Obama administration officials came significantly after that.

So which lawyer-client relationships most impact the current (and future) course of our country?  You tell me.