Obama's Funny Money: 2012 Edition

Carol Platt Liebau

5/2/2012 10:12:26 AM - Carol Platt Liebau
Michael Barone reports that, just as in 2008, the Obama campaign has disabled -- or chosen not to use -- the Address Verification System to screen campaign contributions made by credit card.  Conveniently, this means there is nothing to prevent the campaign from accepting money from foreigners, those exceeding contribution limits, or those not using their real names, for whatever reason . . . all of which would, of course, violate the law.

Here is a write-up describing the 2008 Obama campaign's willingness to look the other way.

Interesting that the President -- America's chief law enforcement officer -- remains apparently unfazed by the possibility of rampant illegality benefiting his campaign, isn't it?  "Thuggish" -- as Barone describes it -- is precisely the word.