Speak for Yourself, Mr. President

Carol Platt Liebau

10/26/2011 8:45:55 AM - Carol Platt Liebau
Even in the midst of a cross-country move, I can't resist commenting on President Obama's newest mind-meld with Jimmy Carter, President Malaise.

At a San Francisco fundraiser yesterday, the President had this to say:

"We have lost our ambition, our imagination, and our willingness to do the things that built the Golden Gate bridge."

Speak for yourself, Mr. President.  Our ambition, imagination and will is completely intact -- it's just that we're saddled with a leader who neither understands nor respects the American character, and then projects his inadequacies onto us.

President Obama's attitude is reminiscent of the apocryphal story of a soldier's mother who, watching troops march in formation, commented, "Oh, look, everyone's out of step but my Johnny."

The American people aren't the ones who are "out of step" here.