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Bob Goldman - Thu Jul 31

Susan Stamper Brown - Tue Dec 10

Austin Hill - Sun Nov 3

Brett Bogus - Wed Jul 10

One of the interesting things I find about any given week is the news media's obsession with unemployment figures that come out on Thursdays. If the number is lower, then we hear proclamations about a recovery and how well everything is progressing. If the number is higher or the same, we hear about how it could be worse. ... more

Bob Goldman - Thu May 23

Considering that the steady decline in your productivity and the sudden spike in your snarky attitude did not result in the firing you so richly deserve, it's clear that if you want a position where you don't have to work at all, you will need to work a lot harder. ... more

Scottie Hughes - Mon Apr 8

Lately, it seems Republicans keep trying to brainstorm about how to attract new voters in order to win in 2014 and 2016. ... more

Night Watch - Fri Mar 22

The North Koreans are extremely good at tinkering with older systems and finding value in materials that would end up on the cutting room floor in the US. ... more