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Heather Ginsberg - Tue Oct 22

Starting in November, the U.S. Capitol dome will be covered in scaffolding for the next two years. This is the first time since 1959 that major work has been done on the Capitol dome. ... more

Caroline Glick - Wed Oct 16

Cortney O'Brien - Tue Oct 8

This Sunday, about 400 feet from Washington, DC’s busy Union Station, an explosion erupted underground. It was a “loud noise” accompanied by erupting flames, according to Metro. A worker was killed. Two others were injured. Yet, in a stunning decision, the National Transportation Safety Board has decided not to investigate the incident. ... more

Michael Schaus - Wed Oct 2

Ransom Notes Radio - Wed Sep 25

Christine Rousselle - Mon Sep 9

Washington, DC may become the first major city in the United States to institute a 24-hour waiting period for tattoos and piercings. ... more

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D.C. home prices reached the highest point in history during what liberals would claim as a period of austerity for our federal city. ... more

Rich Tucker - Sat Mar 23

Politicians and basketball coaches know that you never answer the question a reporter asks you; you answer the question you want to answer. ... more

Aaron M. Renn - Wed Mar 20

The Washington, D.C., region has long been considered recession-proof, thanks to the remorseless expansion of the federal government in good times and bad. Yet it’s only now—as D.C. positively booms while most of the country remains in economic doldrums—that the scale of Washington’s prosperity is becoming clear. ... more

Jackie Gingrich Cushman - Thu Feb 21

The finger pointing and the blame game of Washington gets old, but a messy representative democracy is better than an efficient dictatorship. ... more

Washington, DC - Sun Feb 17

Check out Rep. Tim Griffin's recently launched, "Intervention: Washington, DC" ... more

John C. Goodman - Sat Feb 16

People who have been around for a while all seem to agree. Never in living memory has the atmosphere on Capitol Hill and in Washington, D.C., generally been so toxic. ... more

Michelle Mohr - Mon Jan 28

Washington, D.C. - Mon Jan 28

Without fail, the 40th anniversary March for Life brought large crowds to the National Mall today in the hope of securing the right to life for all. ... more