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Sarah Jean Seman - Fri May 2

Illegal immigrants can now obtain limited purpose driver’s licenses in our nation’s capitol. District of Columbia Mayor Vincent Gray (D) signed the bill last November and the law went into effect May 1. ... more

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One radio show host isn't giving up in the search for a missing child. ... more

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Washington, D.C.'s Democratic candidates for mayor are catering to an interesting voting bloc. ... more

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More oversight in the nation's capital. ... more

Heather Ginsberg - Wed Feb 19

Since October 1<sup>st</sup> of last year, federal employees have worked normal business days less than 75 percent of the time. ... more

Heather Ginsberg - Tue Jan 28

Former Press Secretary Robert Gibbs appeared on Morning Joe today to provide some commentary on tonight’s State of the Union address. Gibbs first mentioned how thankful he is that he no longer works in this White House, but then went on to answer some of the host’s questions. ... more

Sarah Jean Seman - Mon Jan 20

The new year brought sad new for former President Bill Clinton, Filomena Ristorante — one his favorite Washington D.C. restaurants — cut its hours of operation due to Obamacare. ... more

Walter E. Williams - Wed Jan 15

Heather Ginsberg - Sun Jan 5

With Congress basically working every other day and getting nothing done, you might expect that lobbyists are down and out right now. But it seems that even though Congress won’t be getting anything done in the new year, lobbyists are doing just fine. ... more

Paul Jacob - Sun Dec 29

Heather Ginsberg - Wed Dec 11

Well it seem that the very people who passed the healthcare law are not happy with the way the website was implemented and do not trust it for their own staffers. ... more

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Want a hidden environmental fee with your burger? ... more

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Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker criticized the partisan climate in Washington and distinguished proper checks and balances from today's gridlock. He said, "If you want to get big bold reform done ... you need a team to help you do that." ... more

Jacob Sullum - Wed Nov 20

Nicole Bailey - Thu Nov 14

A bill proposed by DC Council Member David Catania (I) would provide $100,000 scholarships for low-income students to go to college. Although the bill is gaining wide support, it has many serious problems including scholarships for the wealthy and an unjustified focus on four-year degrees. ... more

Steve Chapman - Thu Nov 14