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America - Tue Sep 18

Rep. John Lewis (D- GA) speaks on the PA voter ID law: "When someone talks about the dead voters ...they’re talking about people of color" ... more

John Hawkins - Fri Sep 14

After George W. Bush defeated Al Gore at the ballot box and in a rare show of fortitude for a Republican, didn't stand by haplessly wringing his hands when Gore tried to lawyer his way into the White House, liberals were outraged. ... more

Leah Barkoukis - Thu Aug 30

Reuters News - Thu Aug 30

Reuters News - Tue Aug 28

Robert Knight - Tue May 22

The most encouraging news out of Kansas is that the state is taking the lead in cleaning up registration rolls so that people won’t vote in two states or after they’ve died, which is alarming news for Chicago and other cities where the dead vote early and often. ... more

North Carolina - Tue May 15

Non-citizens and the dead voting... ... more

America - Thu May 10

Oh, and so are laws that require voter ID. ... more

Ken Blackwell - Fri Apr 20

Arizona might be going to the U.S. Supreme Court yet again. A federal appeals court upheld part of the Grand Canyon State’s voter-ID law, but struck down another part of Arizona’s law as inconsistent with a 1993 federal law. ... more Staff - Wed Apr 18

Chuck Norris - Tue Apr 17

President Barack Obama and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder's Justice Department have a new obsession to obstruct any state's passing of voter identification laws, even recently attacking South Carolina and my own state of Texas. Holder calls voter ID laws "unnecessary" and says voter fraud "doesn't exist," but new video proof in his own voting precinct proves otherwise. ... more

Michelle Malkin - Wed Apr 11

Let's stipulate: Activists on the left are free to exercise their rights of speech and assembly to boycott businesses whose politics they oppose. Conversely, activists on the right are free to exercise the power of their pocketbooks and refrain from supporting businesses that shun their values. ... more

Russell Pearce - Tue Apr 10

In 2004, I authored the Prop 200: Arizona Taxpayers and Citizens Protection Act. The law required proof of citizenship to register to vote, a photo I.D. when voting, and proof of eligibility to receive non-federal mandated public benefits. The Left and even many RINOs like John McCain screamed racism, but Arizona voters passed it by an overwhelming margin. ... more

David Limbaugh - Tue Apr 10

Can anyone think of an innocuous reason that President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder oppose state voter ID laws? ... more