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Jeff Jacoby - Wed Nov 7

AS THE NATION'S ELECTORAL BRAWL drew to a close, I thought about a question posed by ABC's Martha Raddatz to vice-presidential candidates Joe Biden and Paul Ryan during their debate in Kentucky last month. She quoted "a highly decorated soldier" who was "dismayed" at the tone of the campaign. "The ads are so negative," the soldier had lamented, "and they're all tearing down each other rather than building up the country." ... more

Paul Kengor - Tue Oct 16

Joe Biden’s antics against Paul Ryan have taken a few days to sink in, and should take longer still. ... more

America - Tue Oct 16

Other topics include Rasmussen polls, Stacey Dash, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz. ... more

Dan Holler - Mon Oct 15

While the pundits may dismiss Vice President Joe Biden’s pained expressions and hyperbolic claims as just “Joe being Joe,” there is ample reason for voters of all stripes to be concerned with claims last week. ... more

New York, New York - Mon Oct 15

Producers didn't need to write much of a script to recreate showdown between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan. ... more

Debra J. Saunders - Sun Oct 14

Over the next few days, news media and Republicans will share video snippets of Thursday night's vice presidential debate. Voters will get an extra helping of Vice President Joe Biden chuckling, interrupting, laughing, mugging, smirking and otherwise behaving completely inappropriately. ... more

Crystal Wright - Sat Oct 13

I’ll huff and I’ll puff till I blow your house in! Like the big bad wolf in the fairy tale The Three Little Pigs, Vice President Joe Biden thought he’d huff all over Representative Paul Ryan in the only vice-presidential debate. But between Biden’s snickers, interruptions, and finger pointing at Ryan, Biden demonstrated why President Obama’s agenda is “not working.” ... more

Rich Galen - Fri Oct 12

Democrats have been stunned by the staying power of last week's debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. ... more

America - Fri Oct 12

The Fox News anchor who's seen all but four vice presidential debates calls Biden's demeanor 'disrespectful.' ... more

Reuters News - Thu Oct 11

Katie Pavlich - Thu Oct 11

Katie Pavlich - Thu Oct 11

America - Thu Oct 11

VP Biden reveals his debate strategy while Ryan talks up his opponent's ability to "go on the attack." ... more

America - Thu Oct 11

The Wall Street Journal compiled highlights from over the years. ... more

Danville, KY - Thu Oct 11

Both sides discuss expectations for tonight on Fox News. ... more

America - Wed Oct 10

Guy Benson on how Thursday's debate may not be as one-sided as some expect. ... more