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Matt Towery - Thu May 24

Yes, this column is based out of Florida, so it would seem that an opinion piece suggesting that Marco Rubio makes the most sense for vice president on the Republican side would normally appear to be "home cooking." But until recently, there have been plenty of reasons to believe that perhaps other names made more sense as a choice for Mitt Romney. ... more

Paul Greenberg - Sun May 13

When it come to the Republicans' choice for president this year, it's all over but the shoutin' in Tampa. ... more

Washington, DC - Wed May 2

Bret Baier sits down with the Ohio senator to discuss the possibility. ... more

Chuck Norris - Tue May 1

With President Barack Obama's officially starting his campaign this Saturday, many are wondering whether the GOP front-runner and former Massachusetts governor, Mitt Romney, has a real chance at winning the general election. But I know a way he could pull it off, and my wife, Gena, even dreamed about it. ... more

Michael Barone - Thu Apr 19

Some 20 million Americans in primaries and caucuses will take part in selecting the Republican presidential nominee. One person will choose the vice presidential nominee. ... more

Hugh Hewitt - Wed Apr 11

With Mitt Romney all but universally acknowledged as the GOP certain nominee, attention has quickly and rightly turned to speculation about the former Massachusetts governor’s running mate. ... more

Katie Pavlich - Wed Apr 4

New York - Wed Apr 4

Palin chooses Allen West because he "understands the constitution" and is "passionate." ... more

Michael Reagan - Thu Mar 1

When will they stop asking Republicans like me about our party's choice for vice president? ... more

Guy Benson - Tue Aug 30

Rick Perry is brash, bold, and projects a thoroughly Texan ethos. By comparison, Pawlenty is a gentler, though earnest, Midwestern conservative. He hews so closely to the “Minnesota nice” stereotype that he looked visibly uncomfortable attacking Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann during GOP debates. ... more