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Ed Feulner - Fri Nov 4

President Obama recently compared the Tea Party to the Occupy Wall Street protests, telling ABC News’ Jake Tapper, “in some ways they’re not that different.” We beg to differ. The Tea Party and the protestors are almost exact opposites. ... more

Jeff Jacoby - Wed Nov 2

At the Occupy Phoenix demonstrations, fliers encourage protesters to violently resist police officers, asserting that "you will usually have only two options: submit, or kill the cop." At Zuccotti Park in Manhattan, an Occupy Wall Street protester was sexually assaulted in her tent; according to the New York Post, a woman was raped at the same site a few weeks earlier. ... more

Rebecca Hagelin - Wed Nov 2

As the appalling details of New York City’s newly mandated sex ed program trickle out, parents have reacted with shock and disgust—and rightly so. ... more

Armstrong Williams - Wed Nov 2

Countries and regions of the world are defined by the political ideologies they espouse. The West, for example, has for a long time stood to mean democratic and economically prosperous nations, and the Soviet Block represented a collection of communist and socialist nations, while the title of Middle East stirs up images of dictatorships, caliphates, and Sharia Law. ... more

AP News - Mon Oct 31

Star Parker - Mon Oct 31

Paul Ryan is a man every American should be listening to. We need to get back to identifying and emulating success. Not empathizing with and subsidizing failure. ... more

Jeff Carter - Sun Oct 23

Innovation and start up companies are not fixed in time. They are more like outer space and the big bang. The more there are the more that are started. It can be endless if we create the right environment for it. ... more

Mark Baisley - Sun Oct 23

This uncomfortable topic necessarily became part of the discussion when Robert Jeffress, Senior Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Dallas, referred to Mormonism as a cult and presidential candidate Mitt Romney as a “competent non-Christian.” ... more