University Indoctrination on Townhall

Katie Pavlich - Wed Apr 2

"You guys aren't wanted here." ... more

Todd Starnes - Thu Apr 11

For two years the University of Southern California student had listened to the classroom ranting of liberal professors. So it wasn’t much of a surprise when Darry Sragow, his political science professor, launched into an anti-Republican tirade on the first day of class. ... more

Katie Pavlich - Wed Feb 20

Katie Pavlich - Thu Dec 13

Katie Pavlich - Thu Oct 11

Marybeth Hicks - Thu Sep 20

From the elite, Northeastern liberal arts college our eldest daughter attended, to the sprawling Southern state university where our son recently began his studies, academic “liberalism,” the quest for an expansive and enlightening education, has been soundly replaced with raw, unvarnished leftism. ... more

New York - Thu Apr 5

Report finds disturbing trend pushing social agendas in the college classroom. ... more

Mike Adams - Mon Dec 19

Author’s Note: The present column was inspired by Jim Nelson Black, author of Free-fall of the American University. ... more