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Cal Thomas - Thu Sep 26

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Secretary of State John Kerry has signed the UN Arms Trade Treaty on behalf of the Obama administration and the National Rifle Association, which has spent years fighting the treaty, isn't happy about it. ... more

Sarah Jean Seman - Tue Sep 24

President Obama pressed the U.N. General Assembly Tuesday to enforce the chemical weapon ban in Syria and announced America will supply $340 million, in addition to the previous $1 billion, to the effort. ... more

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Newly minted US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power is in New York City today for the UN General Assembly meeting. ... more

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A comprehensive humiliation on the global stage. ... more

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NATO was successful during the Cold War because the enemy was clear, there was consensus over what to do in each particular circumstance and participation was a given. An alliance that does not know its mission, and has no meaningful plans for what problems it faces, cannot be considered an alliance. ... more

Austin Bay - Wed Apr 24

On March 28, the U.N. Security Council approved the creation of a war-making-peacekeeping unit, a "specialized intervention brigade" designed to destroy the vicious rogue militias that plague the Democratic Republic of Congo's chaotic eastern provinces. ... more