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Imagine what they will do after the sanctions are lifted. ... more

Andre Walker - Wed Sep 30

A British Islamic State terrorist who was placed on a UN travel ban earlier this week has taken to social media to LOL (laugh out loud) at the action, Sally-Anne Jones, who is a former punk rocker, was hit with the restriction at the request of the British government despite already being in Syria. ... more

Andre Walker - Tue Sep 29

LONDON, United Kingdom The British government has demanded the addition of four of its own citizens to the UN's list of Jihadis facing international sanctions. This is the first time the UK has asked for its own passport holders to have their assets frozen and be prevented from travelling, according to the BBC. ... more

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Obama stresses international unity. ... more

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Obama and Putin end stalemate. ... more

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New York City is brimming over with lots of debate and interesting rhetoric at the United Nations. Its the 59th session on the Commission on the Status of Women and, strangely, a lot of the conversation has less to do about women and more to do about LGBT activism and the right to kill other humans (aka abortion). ... more