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Matt Vespa - Mon Mar 23

Says Obama's former law professor .... ... more

Sarah Jean Seman - Tue Jul 1

The Boulder County Clerk’s office has until noon Tuesday to stop issuing invalid gay marriage licenses, according to Colorado’s Attorney General. ... more

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Julian Rossetti - Sun Mar 23

"We will not comply" is the rallying cry of gun owners from Connecticut to New York in the face of gun registration laws. ... more

Sarah Jean Seman - Fri Feb 14

A federal judge ruled the same-sex marriage bans enshrined in the Virginia Constitution and Code are unconstitutional, directly violating both the Due Process Clause and the the Equal Protection Clause of Fourteenth Amendment. ... more

Sarah Jean Seman - Sun Jan 5

Eleven Attorney Generals wrote to the Department of Health and Human Services accusing it of illegal executive actions. ... more

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Kate Andrews - Mon Aug 19

An ‘Employer-Mandate Delay’ here and a ‘Cap-on-Costs Delay’ there are apparently only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Obama Administration’s inability to effectively implement deadlines for Obamacare. According to a Forbes’ exclusive, an unpublished Congressional Research Service report reveals that Obama Administration has failed to meet half of the deadlines legally required by the Affordable Care Act. ... more

Katie Kieffer - Mon Aug 19

Heather Ginsberg - Tue Jul 30

Today a New York State appeals court decided that the proposed ban on big, sugary drinks is unconstitutional. ... more

Robert Knight - Tue Mar 12

n 1919, back when the United States was a constitutional republic, Congress passed a child labor law imposing a 10 percent excise tax on companies that violated it. A North Carolina furniture maker challenged the law and won. ... more