Uncertainty on Townhall

Larry Kudlow - Sun Nov 6

It’s not unreasonable to suggest that Bernanke is setting the stage for a new round of QE. Growth at 2.7 percent is insufficient to significantly reduce unemployment. ... more

David Malpass - Sat Nov 5

With growth slowing and fiscal deficits widening, the EFSF isn’t big enough to stop the contagion. We think Europe’s outlook will deteriorate until a strong new source of confidence is introduced – though two powerful ones, ECB bond buying and U.S.-style blanket guarantees for new bank debt, aren’t on the table. ... more

Bill Tatro - Fri Nov 4

If the world applauds self determination, they would certainly applaud Papandreou’s action. ... more

Mike Shedlock - Thu Nov 3

With China slowing, the US slowing, and much of the rest of Europe in widely-recognized contraction, the vaunted German export machine has a shrinking pool of able and willing buyers. ... more