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Rick Santorum - Tue May 28

Night Watch - Sat Mar 2

Warmly welcoming him, Kim Jong Un let Rodman sit next to him. Rodman and the Globetrotters are the first Americans to meet and dine with Kim Jong Un and his wife. ... more

Ken Blackwell - Thu Nov 29

There’s an old story from the Jewish shetls of Eastern Europe. There was a singing contest among the animals. The Nightingale loses, despite her lovely singing voice. Looking down on the jury, she sees the grunting wild pigs. She weeps, not because she lost, she says. “But see who my judges are!” ... more

Daniel J. Mitchell - Tue Nov 27

The Obama Administration seems inadequately committed to advancing and protecting American interests in keeping the internet open. ... more

Susan Brown - Wed Nov 21

Welcome to President Obama's second term, America - that special place where ridiculousness replaces raison d'etre, and presidents give us things like gun control a' la United Nations. ... more