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AP News - Thu Nov 3

Jackie Gingrich Cushman - Thu Nov 3

It will take more than a generic Republican candidate to defeat President Obama next year. Repubicans will need a leader that can inspire millions to get involved and take action. Enthusiasm, optimism and passion are called for to make the movement work. ... more

Political Calculations - Thu Nov 3

What the S&P 500's dividend futures are signaling is that these quarters will be pretty lackluster in terms of overall economic growth. Given the lagging effect of the dividends, we currently expect the U.S. economy to begin slowing significantly in the first quarter of 2012, recover a bit, then fall back in the second half of the year. ... more

Bill Tatro - Tue Nov 1

It seems their main objective is to create fear for the homeowner and always foreclose. With the housing market continuing to slide, one would think that a firm this busy would have a sign outside saying “Help Wanted.” ... more