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John Ransom - Tue Oct 18

This is the first presidency in history that has substituted a policy platform for a list of demands. The mistake that many made was thinking those demands were a Christmas shopping list, when in fact they were a demand for your indenture to the federal government. ... more

Mike Shedlock - Tue Oct 18

Government is not the answer nor are Keynesian makeshift work programs that will hire a few union workers at monstrous costs, fixing little. We need to fix structural problems. ... more

Jack Bouroudjian - Tue Oct 18

As all these European countries jockey for position, there’s one thing I think is very important for investors to understand: a lot of the debate in Europe revolves around the rate at which they will inflate their way out of the problem. ... more

Jeff Carter - Tue Oct 18

If Occupy Wall Streeters had any common sense, they would be marching upon the bureaucratic offices of the government. They would be marching upon the biggest supporter of big government and increased regulation that we have ever seen, Barack Obama. ... more

Bob Beauprez - Tue Oct 18

Bloomberg doubted Zandi and the President's projections, too. They surveyed 34 other economists. Not one was as optimistic as Zandi. In fact the average job creation estimate by the group was a paltry 288,000. Five said the legislation would produce zero new jobs. Since Obama's wants to spend $447 billion to get there, if the average estimate were to come true that works out to $1.6 million per job. ... more

Chris Poindexter - Tue Oct 18

The sideways trading came as the dollar lost ground to almost every major currency and Europe managed to talk their way through yet another “comprehensive” plan to deal with their debt crisis. It’s likely the G-20 will follow up this talk with even more serious statements later this week. ... more

Political Calculations - Tue Oct 18

Once upon a time Political Calculations figured out what it would take per household to have zero deficit. ... more

Crista Huff - Mon Oct 17

For ten years, MSFT has been trading between $22 and $31, with a few wild swings on each end. But for the most part, MSFT investors have not made money for a decade. ... more

Bill Tatro - Mon Oct 17

Faced with the impossible task of telling constituents that Senators, Congressmen, and the President himself have continually failed the American worker with policies that rewarded a relative few at the expense of the many, we opted to point the finger at China. ... more

Jack Bouroudjian - Mon Oct 17

As we priced in Armageddon, earnings season snuck up on us. The question is: when exactly are we going to see the next big move? ... more

John Ransom - Mon Oct 17

Occupy Wall Street is made up of a bunch of European-style nihilists in the purest sense. Their stock-in trade is alienation, Jared Lee Loughner-style. They are talking revolution; extra-legal punishment; confiscation of property; the recognition of rocks and trees as people. ... more

Mike Shedlock - Mon Oct 17

Home prices will not perpetually stay levitated above wages regardless of perceived shortages. Notice I said "perceived" shortages. Housing shortages in China are a mirage just as they were in Florida, Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Diego and other places in the US. ... more

Jeff Carter - Mon Oct 17

Cuban wades into student loans. This is a half-assed analysis of the situation. The problem isn’t the loans. The problem is the cost of the education combined with the earning potential of the graduate upon attaining a degree. There is a lot of variation in all the moving parts. Fixing higher education isn’t easy. ... more

Chris Poindexter - Mon Oct 17

I’ve been getting a lot of questions this week about whether I think gold can continue its upward climb. That’s the time I have to remind my readers that I’m an analyst, not the Wizard of Oz. I’m the guy reading the charts, not the one behind the curtain pulling the levers. My best guess right now, based on the chart data, is that gold will continue a choppy but generally upward trend. ... more

Political Calculations - Mon Oct 17

Want to see what happens when someone designs and constructs an intricate structure, where all the individual components are constrained to stay in place, and suddenly, the tension holding the entire system together is broken at just one place? ... more

John Ransom - Sun Oct 16

Here’s a group of people who spent their formative years demonstrating on campuses in the 1960s against corporate greed and war- and hitting the bong pretty hard. And what have they done now that they are in power? They have masterminded incredible transfers of taxpayer dollars to their rich corporate friends. ... more

Bob Goldman - Fri Oct 14

If being a millionaire still appeals to you, here's good news -- Michael Ellsberg has just published a new book, "The Education of Millionaires," which promises to make any numbskull ridiculously rich, even if the numbskull in question didn't go to college ... more

John Ransom - Fri Oct 14

Going through ideological miasma on the Roosevelt Institute’s and the Campus Network’s websites, it’s hard to understand how any real Republican could have signed up with a lefty group while expecting to hold on to the nomination for US Senate from his supposedly conservative party. ... more

Stewart Scott - Fri Oct 14

Preventing terrorist attacks requires a very different operational model than arresting individuals responsible for such attacks, and the NYPD has served as a leader in developing new, proactive approaches to police counterterrorism. ... more

Lincoln Brown - Fri Oct 14

The consumer should not have to plead for a company’s product. The company that meets the consumer demand wins because it attracts more business, the consumer wins because he, she or it gets a better product at a better price. ... more

Mike Shedlock - Fri Oct 14

Factor into the picture a jobless non-recovery with real wages falling, and the Congressional approval rating is both easy to understand and well deserved. ... more

Jeff Carter - Fri Oct 14

Herman Cain is in the lead. Can’t believe all the racists in the Republican Party that prefer him. ... more

Political Calculations - Fri Oct 14

Instead of having federal tax deductions that are based on how much interest you had to pay, which provides incentives to people to rack up a lot of debt, what if we had tax credits that reward people based on how much loan principal they've paid down or that rewards them for maintaining no debt? ... more

Bob Beauprez - Fri Oct 14

The Mexico plant will produce solar panels to be shipped back to California for a proposed "solar ranch" in San Luis Obispo County that will have a grand total of 15 permanent presumably American jobs. That works out to $82.6 million per job created. ... more

John Ransom - Thu Oct 13

Hoffa and the Justice Department, says the man who wants head up the Teamsters union, have abused a decades-old consent decree, “which was once used to remove mobsters two decades ago, [but] is now being used to target [Hoffa’s] critics” through a “rogue investigative unit set up by the decree.” ... more

Cliff Ennico - Tue Oct 11

Thanks to a new law in California, the days of selling online without having to pay sales tax are numbered. Other states may follow suit. ... more