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Heather Ginsberg - Sun Dec 1

Following the 2012 election cycle, those who plan the presidential debates began work all over again. After discussing how the debates went last time, it appears that there is room for improvement. ... more

Peter Ferrara - Thu Nov 1

Enough facts are in the public record about the Benghazi murders of Libyan Ambassador Chris Stevens and 3 others, including two Marines, that a final judgment can be rendered on President Obama's handling of the affair. Obama's actions, or inactions, amounted to dereliction of duty, and worse. ... more

New York, New York - Mon Oct 22

Romney: "How come you cut drilling on federal lands?" Obama: "I'm about to cut you!" ... more

Linda Chavez - Fri Oct 19

President Obama gave a vigorous defense during this week's presidential debate of his handling of the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya -- but his answer could come back to haunt him. The natural instinct of most Americans is to rally round the president when they feel the country is under attack. But if they believe that the president has tried to mislead them, that support will dissipate quickly. Monday night's presidential debate could be that turning point. ... more

Crystal Wright - Thu Oct 18

Are we there yet? This was the question I asked myself 30 minutes into the second 90 minute presidential debate between Mitt Romney and President Obama. After getting shellacked badly in the first debate, Obama seemed to forget to take his happy pills the second time around and thought assuming the role of the angry, robot would make him the winner in the second debate. Well it didn’t! ... more

Michael Medved - Thu Oct 18

Forget about Barack Obama’s eagerly awaited emergence from his first debate coma: the biggest question about the second candidate confrontation centered on whether Mitt managed to maintain his undeniable momentum. ... more

America - Thu Oct 18

Chris Matthews and James Lipton criticize Romney's behavior toward the president in the candidates' second debate. ... more

Armstrong Williams - Wed Oct 17

What everyone is going to talk about is how much more negative the president was in this debate than in the last. Whereas last time he seemed bored, or like he simply didn’t want to be there, this time he seemed barely able to restrain his anger at Governor Romney. ... more

Bob Barr - Wed Oct 17

"Three down and one to go. That's the scorecard for the American electorate evaluating the Republican and Democratic nominees for president and vice president, based on their performances in the total of four nationally televised debates. ... more

Debra J. Saunders - Wed Oct 17

My theory as to why President Barack Obama fell flat during the first debate: He looked at the crowd and the cameras and thought: "I've been saying this stuff for five years, and I don't believe myself anymore. I don't have a strong plan to jump-start the moribund economy. Come on, everyone knows that presidents aren't responsible for private-sector job creation. I don't really want to cut the deficit. This isn't fun anymore." ... more

Rich Galen - Wed Oct 17

Short answer: Obama rebounded strongly in this debate. Romney was prepared and did as well as he did in the first one, but Obama's performance was so much better than last time, he gets the win. ... more

Jacob Sullum - Wed Oct 17

Next week, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are scheduled to meet for their third and final presidential debate, this time focusing on foreign policy. Although he will be on the ballot in at least 48 states on Nov. 6, Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party's nominee, was not invited, lest an actual debate about foreign policy break out. ... more

America - Wed Oct 17

The author praises both candidates' performance from last night's showdown. ... more

Hempstead, NY - Wed Oct 17

The moderator somewhat backtracks on her defense of Obama last night in regards to the attack in Benghazi. ... more

Hempstead, NY - Wed Oct 17

Former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu spars with CNN's Soledad O'Brien over Obama's Libya answer at town hall debate. ... more

Rich Galen - Tue Oct 16

The pressure tonight is all on Barack Obama. His abysmal performance two weeks ago completely changed the nature of the campaign and he has to get the train back on track tonight, or he can curl up in the caboose and get some rest for the next three weeks. ... more

Hempstead, NY - Tue Oct 16

The moderator for tonight's showdown discusses how difficult it can be for candidates to act aggressively in a townhall setting. ... more

Hempstead, NY - Tue Oct 16

Tonight, Obama will have the challenge of acting more aggressively than the first presidential debate, while being cautious to not look "too tough." ... more