Town Hall Meetings on Townhall

Matt Vespa - Tue Oct 28

T-minus one week.... ... more

Matt Vespa - Wed Oct 22

Kuster was more than a little rude when she interrupted her Republican opponent, New Hampshire State Rep. Marilinda Garcia, on multiple occasions. ... more

Cortney O'Brien - Fri Aug 23

On the second day of his two-day bus tour, President Obama stopped in Binghamton, N.Y. for a town hall meeting where he touched on America's racial progress. ... more

Derek Khanna - Thu Feb 14

Today at 4:50 PM ET, President Obama will take questions in a Google+ Hangout. 16,514 people submitted 7,520 questions and cast 97,853 votes for what questions that they wanted President Obama to answer. This is a list of the top ten questions by votes in favor. ... more

Mike Needham - Mon May 2

“Republicans Get Grilled at Town Hall Meetings Over Budget Plan,” read the headline on a page National Journal, an inside-the-beltway news source that put up with video clips of Republican lawmakers at townhall meetings during the April recess. ... more

Donald Lambro - Wed Apr 27

Reports coming in from congressional town hall meetings during the Easter recess say that Republican lawmakers were peppered with angry questions about cutting Medicare. ... more

Windermere FL - Wed Mar 23

New Tone: Mayor Knocked Unconscious When Brawl Erupts at Town Hall Meeting ... more

Hugh Hewitt - Thu Feb 10

The number of Republican Members of Congress who appeared on my radio show between their “thumpin’” in 2006 and their return to power in 2010 who admitted with apparent remorse that “We lost our way” is easily in double digits. ... more

Guy Benson - Mon Dec 20

Infighting paralyzed Sharron Angle's 2010 Senate campaign, with two distinct sides in open war with each other. Amidst the fallout, the ex-candidate is weighing another run for statewide office. ... more

Janice Shaw Crouse - Fri Dec 10

Despite the Democratic Party’s 2010 election “shellacking,” President Obama recently asserted that the election had nothing to do with ideology. ... more

Hugh Hewitt - Wed Mar 24

Paul Driessen - Fri Aug 7

Americans are justifiably wary about Congress rushing to overhaul our healthcare system – 17% of our economy – with little debate, analysis or bipartisan input. ... more

Amanda Carpenter - Wed Apr 23

Matt Lewis - Fri Jan 25