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Construction worker Frank Selicchia combed the wreckage of the Twin Towers two days after Sept. 11 for survivors—instead, he uncovered a cross-shaped steel beam. ... more

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American college campuses are the most fertile grounds for fake hate. They're marinated in identity politics and packed with self-indulgent, tenured radicals suspended in the 1960s. In the name of enlightenment and tolerance, these institutions of higher learning breed a corrosive culture of left-wing self-victimization. Take my alma mater, Oberlin College. Please. ... more

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Hi Mike. Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is also Mike, although that may be about the extent of our commonalities. But that is okay. Our strength in in our diversity! Indeed, I am writing to offer a diverse perspective on an email you sent to numerous subordinates using your East Carolina University email address. ... more