Timothy Geithner on Townhall

Reuters News - Fri Oct 14

AP News - Wed Oct 12

Paul Greenberg - Thu Sep 29

The succession of American secretaries of the Treasury from Alexander Hamilton to Timothy Geithner is alone enough to raise questions about the Theory of Evolution. For when it comes to secretaries of the Treasury, devolution might be the better term. ... more

Reuters News - Mon Sep 26

Mike Shedlock - Mon Sep 19

Geithner, the Fed, the ECB, and the banks all want to screw taxpayers one more time, bailing out the banks at taxpayer expense. The amounts are not trivial. German banks alone need $175 billion. ... more

Rich Galen - Tue Aug 9

Where are we in terms of a really juicy August story in 2011? Credit rating agencies, 10-year bond returns, credit default swaps, and ECB interventions. ... more

Cal Thomas - Tue Aug 9

My father was a product of the Great Depression and World War II. Like so many others of his generation, he, like his parents before him, knew how to "do without." ... more

John Ransom - Mon Aug 8

One week after Democrats drove us to the brink of default because they wouldn’t cut the U.S. budget deficit, White House officials tried to blame everyone from ratings agencies to the Tea Party for the economic woes they created. By my math, that makes the Tea Party 100 percent OK with me. ... more

Washington DC - Mon Aug 8

Secretary Geithner will stay at Treasury Department amidst calls for him to resign over S&P downgrade. ... more

Bob Beauprez - Sun Aug 7

Late this week, Standard & Poor's dropped the credit rating for the United States of America for the first time since 1917. While most countries were cautious about the downgrade, China slammed the Unites States' addiction to credit calling for a new world wide reserve currency. ... more

Katie Pavlich - Sun Jul 24

Donald Lambro - Fri Jul 22

President Obama's job approval score sank to nearly 40 percent this week in the midst of a budget and debt-limit crisis that threatens to further weaken our economy and America's future. ... more