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Steve Chapman - Sun Jul 24

When you pick up a glossy, multi-page color brochure at a presidential campaign event, you expect to see a candidate's image on the front. The ones stacked on a table inside the Sports Page Grill, where Tim Pawlenty is appearing this morning, do feature that sort of photo. But it's not of Pawlenty. It's of Barack Obama. ... more

Townhall.com Staff - Thu Jul 21

Townhall.com Staff - Thu Jul 21

New York, NY - Thu Jul 21

Pawlenty: "I moved a liberal state in a conservative direction...join me and prove the experts wrong." ... more

Townhall.com Staff - Tue Jul 19

Townhall.com Staff - Tue Jul 19

Townhall.com Staff - Fri Jul 15

Cal Thomas - Thu Jul 14

The Constitution is specific when it prohibits a "religious test" for "any office or public trust" -- Article VI, Paragraph III ... more

Townhall.com Staff - Wed Jul 13

USA - Mon Jul 11

Former MN governor talks debt and politics this morning. ... more

Ken Blackwell - Wed Jul 6

Liberal pundits are panicking over constitutional conservatism. They shouldn’t, because every child—whether the parents are liberal or conservative—will benefit from constitutional conservatism’s ascendency. ... more

Michael Medved - Wed Jul 6

According to the conventional wisdom peddled by the major media, Jon Huntsman’s emphasis on civility in his nascent presidential campaign counts as admirable but ill-advised. ... more

Townhall.com Staff - Tue Jul 5

Washington, DC - Tue Jul 5

Full Script: “Minnesota gripped by one of the longest transit strikes in history. Why? Because Governor Tim Pawlenty refused to cave into government unions. Result? Pawlenty won. Minnesota government shut down. Why? Because Tim Pawlenty would not accept Democrats’ massive tax-and-spending demands. Result? Pawlenty won. Tim Pawlenty. Results, not rhetoric.” ... more

New York - Tue Jun 28

The GOP presidential hopeful attacked Obama's foreign policy in speech today. ... more

Townhall.com Staff - Mon Jun 27

Townhall.com Staff - Mon Jun 27

Townhall.com Staff - Mon Jun 27

Townhall.com Staff - Mon Jun 27